Internet Banking Security:

We know you place your trust in Rose Hill Bank to handle your financial information in a secure manner and we have taken the same precautions to insure information transmitted through our Internet Banking and Bill Payment services are protected and secure.

Rose Hill Bank requires use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) compatible Internet browser such as Microsoft Explorer version 6.0 or better which employ 128-bit authentication and encryption technology. A 128-bit browser has 2128 possible lock combinations, currently the highest level available. Older versions may work, although some features may not operate or function properly. Updating to the latest version of your browser is going to provide the highest level of security. If you are not using a 128-bit browser version you can use the following link to download and upgrade your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Windows

You can confirm a site is secure by looking at the web address (URL). If the site is secure the address will appear as https://www….. with the "s" indicating you have entered a secure web server.

The Web server is further protected through the use of firewalls which are devices designed to shield our server and systems from unauthorized Internet intrusions. These systems are monitored 24 hours a day - 7 days a week to insure and verify only encrypted and authorized activity is allowed to pass between Rose Hill Bank's systems and networks.

We require multifactor authentication of identity authorization, the first is an ID number you assign and a password you can input or change at anytime after your initial entrance to the site. Second, requires enrollment to our Enhanced Security System. Each time you log-in, the Enhanced Security System identifies you as a Rose Hill Bank customer and allows you to verify connection to Rose Hill Bank using a private image and pass phrase. Do not provide your User Code or Password to any unauthorized party and it is recommended that such not be left or displayed near the computer. It is recommend that you do not use birth dates, addresses, family names or commonly known numbers or names that could easily be guessed. Also, once you have gained entrance to the Site, it is recommended user not leave the computer until you have exited from Site, as anyone using the computer would have full and complete access to your account information while User is logged in to Site and any such party will be deemed by bank to be your authorized agent and acting on your behalf. It is also recommended that you close your browser after you exit the Internet Banking portion of our site to clear account information from your browser's memory.

Many sites on the World Wide Web offer to access your Internet account information from other Web sites and consolidate this data in one location. These sites are commonly called an Aggregator. If you share your User Code and Password with an Aggregator or any other parties, such parties will be deemed by bank to be your authorized agent(s) for accessing the Site and you will be fully responsible for all transactions they conduct, whether or not they fall within the limitations of the agreement you have with your agent. We recommend you use caution in providing private information to an Aggregator, until you research the entity and are confident the User Code and Password provided by you will be used in a manner consistent with Aggregator's agreement and that your private information will be maintained on a secure basis.


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